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We are a husband and wife team who grew up surfing along the south west coast of WA.

We talk about the reasons of why we started this label …. our boys, surfing, love of the beach etc etc... but the real truth behind it all is that I needed a creative outlet after being on maternity leave for 2 years. 

The focus and inspiration for our entire range is about surfing, skating, the beach and all of those adventurous boys! Rothko is about BOYS clothes and hey! If girls want to wear it that's cool too, but the focus is on providing boys with cool original clothes that you can't buy at the shops down the road and also without that metro/city look. All of our designs have been hand drawn and illustrated by myself and I have hand picked all of the fabrics also. I enjoyed being able to work with the ladies who sell their fabric to us & make our clothes. 

We are only a very young business with still a lot to learn, but we are loving this journey of life that we’re on, and are blessed to be able to do what we love.....

michael & jess